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    Corporate Learning

    Participatory learning involves a deep cognitive process which increases knowledge retention as high as 75% as against a 20% retention in audio visual learning at its best. We, at iInteract aim at maximizing returns on your people development investment through our proven solutions.

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    Academic Learning

    Give your students an engaging & learning environment to connect the dots between theory & practice. Combining classroom teaching to simulated business environment, iInteract ensures the future managers make key decisions applying concepts of business & evaluating results in real time.

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    Our Signature Initiatives

    National Business Olympiad (NBO) & United Minds are iInteract's brainchild successfully adapted by IIM Ahmedabad Confluence for past 2 years & IIM-Bangalore Vista last year through which we connect to more than 5,00,000 Young Indians every year.

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About iInteract

iInteract specializes in providing experiential and interactive learning solutions through innovative programs. We strive to provide an assortment of innovative offerings through our various value added services and partners.

All the offerings we choose have seen the test of time and are successfully implemented across the globe, tailored and enhanced to fit the local scenario and needs.

Recent Programs

  •  Trident Group  Opportunity Unlimited
    Trident OU - 2013-14

    The second edition of the pan India Recruitment Drive reaching out to hundreds of talented management students across the country through unique selection formats.


  • ONGC - Business Games 2013
    ONGC - Business Games 2013

    A Pan-India In-House Annual Mega Event powered by iInteract through Business Simulation aimed at testing management acumen of top executives across the organization.


  •  Trident Group  Opportunity Unlimited
    Trident Group

    A dedicated pan - India recruitment drive for Trident Group to identify and extract the sharpest students from hundreds of top B-schools.


  • Bosch Ltd
    Bosch Ltd.

    Business Acumen: 2 Day MDP at Bosch, Bangalore for 24 JMP's (Junior Management) to understand cross functional linkages.


  • Union Bank of India
    Union Bank of India

    TOPSIM - Banking Simulation Program for Senior Managers at Union Bank of India aiming at providing insights into the working of banking industry.


  • Hindustan Unilever
    Hindustan Unilever

    Edutainment: 4 hour session on Business Simulation for 160 executives in HUL's National Finance Conference at Amby Valley.


  • Open Program
    Open Program

    Manufacturing - Business Acumen Open MDP at Ashok Leyland, MDC at Hosur was attended by executives of Lapp Cables, Ashok Leyland & TTK Prestige.

  • Amara Raja
    Amara Raja Group

    Manufacturing - Business Acumen: 2 Day training program for 100 executives with objective of understanding cross-functional dependencies.


  • United Minds
    United Minds - Finals

    Culmination of Our Signature Initiative at IIM Bangalore with participation of over 28,000 Graduate Students.

  • NBO Finals
    NBO - Finals

    Our Signature Initiative NBO 2012 saw participation of 3000 students with 120 students participating in the finals at IIM Ahmedabad.

  • XIME Bangalore
    Xavier - Bangalore

    Student Development Workshop: 120 Students went through a business simulation based 2 day strategy workshop.

  • NMIMS Mumbai
    NMIMS - Mumbai

    The case study program was replaced with Live Business Simulation during orientation program for 500 MBA Students.

  • Loyala Chennai
    Loyala - Chennai

    Student Development Workshop: Strategy Workshop designed around a business simulation for 120 MBA Students.